Welcome to the St. Charles School cafeteria—
The Chargerteria!

Everyone’s favorite part of the day—lunch! We work hard to make sure lunch-time at St. Charles School is nutritious, yet also fun and relaxing—a nice break from the academic part of the day. We have fun with “lucky tray day” and special “bucket-filler” tables, and several of our teachers do “lunch bunch” as a special reward for their students. We know the food is delicious, because we have a Nutrition Advisory Council—composed of students in 4th through 8th grade—who taste-test new products and help decide what goes on our menu. Our daily menu offers a variety of healthy, delicious choices for those who choose to buy hot lunch. Or, students may opt to bring a lunch from home.

The St. Charles School Cafeteria (along with nine other schools in the Dayton area) is served by St. Albert Nutrition Services. The link below will take you to the St. Albert Nutrition website. Once you get to the site listed below, scroll down to read all about the St. Charles School Chargerteria. You can read about nutrition, food allergy information and get introduced to our cafeteria staff. The cafeteria’s monthly menu is posted, along with lunch times for each grade and information about eating breakfast at St. Charles School.

Click here to enter the St. Albert Nutrition Services website
Check out our lunch menu: 2017-2018 Menu

To check a student’s account balance, log in to www.payforit.net.