Transitional Kindergarten

Open House Monday, January 29th from 5pm  to 7pm. 

Transitional Kindergarten is a program for children who may need another year of development and maturation before kindergarten. Children who enroll in this program typically (but not always) have birthdays slightly before the state of Ohio guideline of September 30. In neighboring schools, this type of program may be called Young Fives or Pre-Kindergarten.

Transitional Kindergarten students attend school for a half-day of instruction. The program is from 7:50 a.m. to 11:00 a.m Monday through Friday.


The students in TK learn the alphabet and numbers by doing a letter of the week and doing a variety of phonemics awareness activities. Basic math skills such as numbers, counting and patterning are taught using manipulatives and hands-on activities. Social studies and science concentrate on learning about the world around us — seasons, holidays, celebrations, famous people, etc — through exploration and investigation. TK teachers use quality literature, art, music and movement to reinforce all the concepts that the students are learning.

TK students also have the opportunity to participate in all of the enrichment classes – art, body management (physical education), computers, library and music.

Catholic Faith

Our understanding of God’s love is demonstrated in all aspects of the day as our TK students to treat their neighbors and themselves with love, respect and kindness. They also learn simple prayers and attend Mass twice a month with their sixth grade “buddies”.

Throughout the entire TK curriculum, the most basic goal is that the children enjoy school and develop a love for learning!

TK Teacher- Jen Fuchs, email Mrs. Fuchs