First Grade

Open House Monday, January 29th from 5pm to 7pm. 

First Grade at St. Charles School creates a world of learning that emphasizes the importance of our Catholic Faith. Faith is the fundamental reason for being at this school. We try to bring faith into every aspect of our day. In addition to weekly Mass and daily religion classes, we participate in morning meetings to create a feeling of unity, much like Jesus had with his disciples.

  • Curriculum

    At St. Charles School, we constantly strive for academic excellence from both our students and ourselves. Our superior academic instruction touches the mind, body and spirit.

    • In math, we begin with the basics of ordering numbers, then build up to two-digit addition and subtraction. We also do calendar math, which incorporates math into our morning instruction.
    • In language arts, the Phonics Dance is a big part of our instruction. This teaches the sounds of our language through many different learning modalities. We incorporate this into weekly spelling words and a literature- based reading and creative writing curriculum.
    • In science/social studies the students learn about the world God created for us. They learn about the physical environment, communities, history and the importance of humans and animals and the roles they play in creation.
    • Our weekly curriculum also includes art, music, computers, library, physical education, body management and Spanish.

Catholic Faith

Each student is an integral part of parish life. The weekly Masses are planned and led by students. They develop a strong sense of social justice through contributions to our local food pantries, and they participate in a Respect Life Mass and walk. Faith families within the school strengthen our camaraderie among our TK through eigth grade students. This allows us to pray and play together as “families.”

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