St. Charles Preschool

Open House Monday, January 29th from 5pm to 7pm. 

Thank you for your interest in St. Charles School Preschool! If you are seeking to provide your child with lifelong advantages, St. Charles School Preschool is the clear choice! Working as individuals and a community, we help build a strong foundation of faith, foster an unending appetite for knowledge, work to achieve balance in our day-to-day lives and instill honor by doing what is right. With new and innovative educational materials, our faculty and staff provide differentiated instruction to support all learners.
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Philosophy of St. Charles School Preschool

St. Charles School Preschool philosophy is to establish a learning experience in a Catholic environment. Each child will maximize his/her physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. Students will be instilled with the values of respect and responsibility. The curriculum, in conjunction with an experienced and dedicated staff, will ensure the successful implementation of our philosophy. Parents have both the right and responsibility to share in all decisions affecting the care and education of their children.

  • Goals

    The goals of St. Charles School Preschool are to encourage each child to:

    • Develop Christian attitudes in sharing, taking turns, listening, helping, loving, thanking and celebrating
    • Enjoy and interact with other children
    • Grow in language development
    • Develop positive concepts about family, friends, church and school
    • Develop positive self-image
    • Develop initiative and creativity through play
    • Develop awareness of choices and confidence to make those choices
    • Introduce and explore colors, shapes, letters and numbers when appropriate
    • Explore the environment using the five senses with many “hands-on” experiences
    • Develop fine and gross motor skills
    • Develop thinking and problem-solving abilities
    • Develop respect for other children and adults

St. Charles School Preschool is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and it is posted for review. The laws and guidelines governing preschools are available for review at the school office upon request. We adhere to the required guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards and the curriculum set forth by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

*Please note that preschool students must be toilet-trained and self-sufficient in the bathroom.