St. Charles School Athletic Commission

Mr. James Crinion
email Mr. Crinion

Vice President
Mr. Brian Glenn
email Mr. Glenn 

Mrs. Jamie Geiger
email Mrs. Geiger

Soccer Coordinator
Mr. Brent Baird
email Mr. Baird

Equipment Director
Mr. Greg Kline
email Mr. Kline

Uniform Coordinator
Mrs. Sharon Melia
email Mrs. Melia

Intramural Coordinator
Mr. Buddy Watkins
email Mr. Watkins 

Volleyball Coordinator
Ms. Jessica Pricci
email Mrs. Pricci

Basketball Coordinator (Girls)
Mr. Steve Stolly
email Mr. Stolly

Basketball Coordinator (Boys)
Mr. Spud Collins
email Mr. Collins 

Baseball Coordinator
Mr. Paul Claggett
email Mr. Claggett 


Golf Coordinator
Mr. Pat Popp
email Mr. Popp

PAC Scheduling and Saturday League Coordinator
Mrs. Kathy Dorsten
email Mrs. Dorsten

Track Coordinator
Position Needed

Cheerleading Coordinator
Samantha Pitts and Jeannine Thieman
email Mrs. Pitts  and Jeannie Thieman

Youth Commission Liaison

School Commission Liaison